Distributed Learning Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation Course


The Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation (MEIR) Course provides medical and operational personnel with information concerning the biomedical consequences of radiation exposure, how to manage its effects, and resulting casualties.

The Distributive Learning (online) MEIR course is a 6-hour, abbreviated version of the standard 3-day in-person MEIR course. It is designed to teach the basics or serve as a refresher for those who have taken the in-person course or have prior knowledge of the material.

At this time the DL MEIR course is only open to DoD military personnel, DoD civilians, National Guard personnel and allied military personnel.

NOTE—Although the online version of the course does grant 6 CME or CNE credits, its completion does not confer credit for completion of the MEIR Course.  Air Force Bioenvironmental Engineering personnel can receive Comprehensive Readiness Program training credit by taking either in-residence or DL MEIR.